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"This isn't going to be another birthday at the strip club is it, Spike?" Lindsey locked the door behind them and trotted down the hall after Spike.

"Nah. Got you somethin' you're gonna like this time. Promise."

"What's that?"

"My brother from England."

"Oh sweet holy Jesus," Lindsey breathed, watched Will ride down the escalator at LAX.

"Like '

"He's like you - but better."

Spike muffled a snort.
"Ta, mate."

Lindsey only grinned, whipped off his hat as William approached and held the other hand out to him in greeting.
But at the first touch of that cool dry skin, little tingling cat feet scampered up Lindsey's arm to grab onto his tongue and hold tight.

Fortunately - or maybe unfortunately - Spike's tongue was ready willing and available to bat for him. "Will, this is Lindsey. Lindsey, this is Will. Try not to keep me up nights while the two of you shag."

"Sidney!" Color bloomed along Will's cheekbones, embarrassed enough to drop both Lindsey's hand and his own suitcase, stumbling back half a step.

Lindsey lunged to catch the suitcase before he realized what Will had said and turned to Spike with an expression on his face stuck half way between surprise and laughing his ass off.
"Your name is Sidney?"

"Sod off.
Only room for one punk in this world named Sidney, and I'm not it." Spike gave Lindsey a little shove toward William and dusted his hands theatrically. "There. Done playin' cupid for the year. You two go on home cause I'm headin' to work. Gonna work late tonight mind you, finish up that monster of a custom job for the rodeo bloke." Spike cocked his head, looked from William's shy smile and blooming blush to Lindsey's shameless grin. "In fact, not gonna come home tonight. Gonna sleep at the shop, me." Spike clapped Lindsey on the shoulder. "Remember to wake the neighbor."


Spike snickered.
"Go on, Will. It's Angel. You remember him, right? That tall, stick up his arse?"

William fixed Spike with an arch look. "Yes.
And a certain bleached blond punk mooning across two continents after him? I believe I remember him."

"Fuck off." Spike shot the two of them a two-fingered salute and slid into his duster.

"Thanks man," Lindsey called after him.

Spike smirked, walking backwards to give the two of them his most suggestive leer. "Many happy
returns, mate."







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