Title: Psychic!Verse

Author: Reremouse


Feedback: Yes

Archive: Ask

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Xander/Wesley,  Spike/Angel  (in the past: Spike/Lindsey, Spike/Xander)

Series: psychic!verse

Spoilers: None.  AU

Disclaimer: So not mine. Written purely for fun. No profit, no promises of literary value.

Summary: Xander, after losing his eye, developed psychic abilities. When Wesley, a researcher of the paranormal, comes to interview him, Xander decides to keep him.  Wesley decides to be kept.  Elements of Wesley's past come back to haunt them both.

Notes: Xander developed psychic abilities after losing an eye three years ago. Wesley works for the Council Institute in England, which studies paranormal abilities, and has come to California to interview Xander about his experiences. Spike and Angel are both human in this series.  Everyone's human, but there are still paranormal and supernatural elements to the story.



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