Illegal In Tennessee




"Hm. Another tick for Tennessee, pet," Spike said, folding the newspaper and handing it to Xander, who set it aside and settled onto the end of the mattress instead.

"Tennessee can wait," he said, slinking on knees and knuckles up the length of Spike's body in a slow, sexy, and altogether familiar prowl.

Spike watched his progress, scarred eyebrow arched in an expression between appreciation and amusement. "Hmm, now where'd you learn that move, pet? I wonder."

"Dunno. Probably some cheap porn movie."


"What? Don't you think it's overdone?" Dark eyes turned darker, and with an absolutely wicked grin, Xander ducked his head, catching the edge of the sheet that was all that covered Spike, and retreated, dragging it along with him, eye following the trail of revealed skin.

"That's a 'guaranteed to get your end down' William the Bloody move, that is! It's a classic. We do not mock the classics, Xander."

Xander crawled back up, eye fixed on his goal, closing his teeth, this time, on the edge of Spike's foreskin.

"Fucking hell." Spike's eyes flared wide, staring at Xander. "Pet, you are bloody lucky I'm a vampire if that's your idea of foreplay."

"Funny you should say that," Xander said, the words buzzing against Spike's skin with his laughter, then darted to the side, biting Spike's hipbone sharply. "I did some research."


"Getting there," Xander said, tracing the teeth marks with his tongue, then sucking on the spot hard enough to draw mottled beads of borrowed blood to the surface.

"If you learned this from a newspaper, which newspaper, and why am I still stuck reading the sodding Times?"

"No newspaper," Xander said, breath hot against Spike's balls. Short fingernails dragged from Spike's waist to his knees, and Xander shoved his legs up and apart roughly, leaving reddened crescent moons in his flesh. "Watcher diaries."

"Isn't that cheating-
buggering fuck!"

Xander growled around the pinch of Spike's perineum he held between his teeth, and gave his head a small shake, worrying the skin until Spike whimpered. He let go then, only to bite at his inner thigh, and trace patterns in the mark with his tongue until it faded. "Cheating? What is this cheating of which you speak, o vampire who stole the entire stack of fifties last time we played Monopoly?"

"'M a vampire. 'M supposed to cheat." Spike strained his neck to fix Xander with a heated glare.

"I know. That's why I decided to meet you half way, and play your game instead." Xander leaned down, rummaging under the bed where Spike couldn't see, and when he returned, there was a soft click and buzz.

"Eh? What're you do-" Spike's words cut off at the intrusion of a slick silicone tip, and he groaned, pulling his legs high against his chest to give Xander room with the toy.

Xander rose over him, up into Spike's field of view, and bit his inner knee, working the vibrator slowly into him. Very slowly. "Cheating," he said, and grinned.

"Spike?" Xander sprawled out across Spike's chest, tracing a lazy figure eight between his nipples and listening to Spike not breathe.

"Yeah, pet?" Spike mumbled his words through a lazy, sated smirk.

"What were you saying about Tennessee?"

Spike looked at him in disbelief, then laughed. "That you're bloody lucky we don't live there."

"Do I want to know why?"

Spike hit Xander over the head with the newspaper, conveniently folded to just that particular story about Tennessee. "Because corpse abuse is illegal there. Pillock." He then gathered Xander into his arms and smothered his laughter with kisses.







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