by Reremouse and Tabaqui


The year was 2003, and the place was Sunnydale. What was once a home-town and a Hellmouth is now a crater, and Xander Harris leaves behind everything he's ever known to cross oceans and continents in service to the Council, the Slayers, and the friends that he's devoted himself to for years. But the summer of 2004 finds him back in Sunnydale, doing what he never thought he'd do - reclaiming the city - and himself - from the ruins.

In L.A., a magical amulet resurrects the dust of a vampire and William the Bloody is born again. Only this time he's embroiled in a fight that pits 'good' against 'evil' in ways that cross all lines and defy all logic. When the battle is over he discovers that 'fighting the good fight' isn't all it's cracked up to be, and he travels back to the place that started it all - Sunnydale, California.

Snakes and Ladders is a game of chance, where 'ladders' let you climb up to virtues and redemption, and 'snakes' bring you sliding back down to the pits of sin and decadence. What if there were no more Snakes and Ladders? That's what we wondered, too...






In which
things start


In which
things continue


In which
things continue continuing


In which
things begin to
get complicated























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