"Oh my god, and that should not still be so disgusting after everything I've seen, but-" Xander pushed the newspaper as far from him as he could in one direction, and his breakfast in the other, face pale.

Spike picked up the newspaper and read. "Man kills, then cooks lover in a tomato and onion sauce and eats him over the course of three days? That's disgusting!"

"Yeah, and-" Xander stared at Spike. "Wait a minute, you're
agreeing with me?"

"Agreeing? Of course I am. Tomatoes and onions? That's entirely unappealing."

"Okay, and I really should have seen that coming, shouldn't I?"

Spike laid down the paper with a chuckle. "Fraid so, pet."

"Why do I keep you around?"

"Well," Spike said, sinking to his knees and shuffling forward, batting Xander's legs apart and settling back on his heels between them, rubbing his thighs through flannel pajama pants. "Could be my natural charm."

"You're the most annoying person I've ever met." Xander laid a hand on Spike's hair, rubbing back and forth until the curls stood up in tufts and tickled his hands.

"Could be my looks."

"You've got bed-head and pillow wrinkles smushed into your cheek." Xander's fingers trailed down the side of Spike's face, tracing the faint pink lines in his skin. "And you drooled on
my pillow last night."

"Vampires don't drool."

"Then you leaked from your mouth." The pad of Xander's thumb passed over Spike's lower lip. He sucked in a breath when Spike sucked in his thumb, rasping his tongue over the work-roughened surface until it went tingly-numb. And Xander groaned when Spike's wandering hands finally swept the edges of his balls, and traced up his cock through the soft flannel.

Spike let go of Xander's thumb with a wet pop. "Must have imagined it."

"You are such a liar." Xander closed his eye, biting his lip and lifting his hips into the touches, bursts like little electric shocks shivering through him whenever Spike's hands got

"Is that why you keep me?" Spike asked, face like an angel, voice like a
really, really sexy devil as he untied Xander's pajamas, easing the band down over his erection so that the blue plaid framed both cock and balls, then blew along the length, watching Xander's head drop back through his eyelashes.

"W-why would I want to keep a compulsive liar?" Xander's voice caught in his throat, or maybe turned into an involuntary groan, because semantics so weren't on Xander's mind anymore as he grabbed at Spike's hair, kneading his fingers through the crunchy strands until he felt the faint vibration of Spike purring. "Though okay, the purr is really nice."

"Can't be that." Spike snorted, grasping Xander deliberately too roughly to make him gasp, and licked over the head of Xander's cock like a popsicle, fast and impatient and sucking away the drip that pulsed free and slid toward his grasping fingers. "Vampires don't purr."

Both Spike and Xander could hear the pounding of Xander's heart, but only Spike smiled, wickedly. "How 'bout my vampire-style oral talents?" He asked, dipping the point of his tongue into Xander's slit and flickering until Xander
whined and gripped Spike's hair hard enough to rip a few strands out, shuddering.

"Might- might have something there," Xander admitted in strangled tones, the tingle of
too much spreading through his groin, skittering down to make his hole ache to be - something, anything. *Okay. Gay. So, so gay now.*

"Bet I know why it is," Spike murmured, lifting Xander neatly out of the chair, and settling him onto his knees facing it, bent over the hard wood with his legs spread as far as his pajama pants would allow as Spike lowered them.

Xander gripped the edges of the chair, pressing his forehead against the wood and pushing back against
*Spike's fingers. Good, good, wriggly fingers. Good vampire, good-* Xander jerked forward as Spike flicked his wrist in a move that never never failed to get Xander's attention. "B-because you always seem to know where the lube is?"

Spike laughed, soft and low, sliding into Xander in a long tight glide that made Xander clutch and spasm around him, spine bowing like a cat in heat. "That too," he whispered, staying perfectly still in Xander, savoring the clutch and heat and the way Xander trembled against him, trapped between vampire and chair.

"W-what is it then?" Xander shifted restlessly, eye rolling up in his head as the angle change only ground Spike's hardness against his prostate and made him see stars. He didn't, couldn't even object when Spike caught his chin, drew his head back and around to sweep his tongue over the parted seam of Xander's lips, words vibrating there between them, and Xander
knew Spike was smirking.

"Cause you love me. Git."

"Oh- oh yeah." Xander pressed his face into the cool wood of the chair, wriggling. "Remind me more."







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