Nummy Promotional Treats




"Oh, that's just wrong!" Spike said in tones of disgust Xander hadn't heard since the last time they'd discovered a new species of demon that liked to explode goo when impaled.

"What is?"

"They've finally come up with a way to make Twinkies more disgusting."

"Hey, that's one of the major food groups you're dissing there, pal."

"Far be it from me to criticize your taste in phallic snacks pet, but this time they've gone too bloody far."

"What the hell are you reading?" Wordlessly, Spike held up the glossy advertising insert in all its red and white glory, and turned it so that Xander could see. "Shrek promotional Twinkies?"

"It's a Twinkie with gonorrhea," Spike said, stabbing a finger at the green filling. "You call that nummy?"

"Aw, come on, Spike. Every Twinkie's got the same filling in the dark."

"Well, yeah, if you don't mind your dick turning colors and dropping off!"

Xander burst out laughing, settling onto the floor between Spike's legs and resting his hands on Spike's thighs. "I am talking about the kind of Twinkie you buy in the snack food aisle, you know."

Spike narrowed his eyes. "They'll cruise anywhere these days. Hey! Bloody ow." Spike rubbed his chest where Xander had reached out to expertly twist a nipple.

"Big baby. The other kind of phallic snack, now. That kind, I'm picky about."

"Oh, are you?"

"Yeah. Only like one brand."

"And what brand would that be, pet?"


"Thought you said all Twinkies taste the same in the dark."

"Not this one."

"You sure about that?"

"I'm sure." Xander licked his lips, eye flickering down to Spike's crotch. "Turn off the light, Spike."


"The light. Turn it off."

"All right, but why?"

"Gonna make a point," Xander said into the sudden darkness of the room, rubbing his palms back and forth over Spike's denim-covered thighs.

"What point's that?" Spike asked, though he snapped off the light, plunging the room into darkness.

"Accept no substitutes," Xander said against Spike's zipper, breath hot enough to make Spike grow and twitch before he'd even been touched.

He buried his hands in Xander's hair, catching a finger on the band of the patch accidentally and knocking it askew.


"Take this off, pet?"

Xander went absolutely still.

"Please. It's dark."

"You can see in the dark."

Spike trailed a hand over Xander's cheek, and under his good eye, whispering. "But you can pretend I can't."



Xander bowed his head, hair spilling darkly over the unbuttoned sides of Spike's white shirt, and he nodded, once. "You can take it off me." He tried to hold still, tried not to shiver as Spike gently pulled the band loose and slid both hands into Xander's hair, unhampered now by the band of his patch.

"All right?"

Xander kept both eyes closed. Because in the dark, it didn't matter. "Yeah."

Xander flinched though, when Spike's fingers touched his forehead, the cool paths curving around his eye sockets, fanning over his cheeks and down his jaw, meeting, briefly at his chin. "Xander."

Spike's voice was so soft, so gentle, that Xander lifted his face to it, keeping his eye closed, and leaned into Spike's touch, letting him touch his cheeks, his nose, his eyebrows, then glide feather-light over both eyelids. Xander felt them prick with tears, ducking his face again to nuzzle at Spike's groin, kissing hardness through the zipper. "Let me." Nonsense words filled in where braver words feared to tread, and he unfastened button and zipper with trembling hands, nuzzling into Spike's cock as it was freed, and catching his breath as the head skimmed the edge of his left eye socket, the skin sensitive with years of being covered. Always.

Above him, Xander heard Spike draw breath to speak, and squeezed his thighs to silence him, shaking his head.

"Don't say anything." Xander swallowed, pressing an incongruously chaste kiss to the edge of Spike's foreskin, words warm against the flushed cockhead beginning to peek out. "Just let me."

For an answer, Spike's fingers flexed in Xander's hair, then slid around to cup his skull with one hand, not pressing him down, just holding him. Reassuring.

Xander shuddered as Spike's other hand caressed the left side of his face from hairline to jaw, and parted his lips over Spike's cock, sucking him slowly in to the feathery caresses. Spike's iron and salt flavor slid over Xander's tongue and he groaned, working his tongue restlessly against Spike's slit for more, his hands wrapping the hardcold shaft in warmth.

In the dark, with his head down, eyes closed, lips swollen and tight around Spike's cock, Xander looked as he had before Caleb. Before the soul. Before the fucking chip, really, all hollowed out and big-eyed, broad shouldered and long-limbed like an eternal man-child.

He looked like he used to. Except for the part about Spike's cock, actually, but thinking back all those years to the night Angelus'd given him this boy first, Spike knew it could have been. Not exactly like this. And not half so bloody sweet as this hungry suction that he felt all the way up around his unbeating heart.

And when he closed his eyes at last, and came, the sharpness of Xander's jaw dug into his hand with every swallow and his own groan rattled in his chest as he forgot not to breathe. Still panting, Spike felt Xander's fingers creep upwards along his jaw, and smooth over his closed eyelids, over his eyelashes as if they were both blind.

"You didn't watch?" Xander asked quietly, pulling himself onto the couch and over Spike's lap, straddling him chest to chest.

When Spike opened his eyes, it was to find that Xander's was open too, sightless in the dark, but open. He brushed his fingers over the empty lid, the hollow, and leaned up to kiss beneath his eyebrow. "I watched. You're bloody beautiful, pet."

Xander ducked his head, letting Spike brush kisses around the damaged skin for long moments before finally pulling away, pulling back, and pulling together, though he didn't pull back very far, staying firmly in the circle of Spike's arms. "You're not supposed to call men beautiful, you know."

"Why not?"

"It's kind of a girly complement, isn't it?"

Spike laughed, pulling Xander hard against him with a growl. "Bloody beautiful and you've got a mouth like a sodding Hoover?"

Xander grinned back. "It's a start."

Spike snorted, hauling Xander down to invade his mouth with teeth and tongue, chasing down his own flavor inside.







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