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Why are you reading the Daily Oklahoman?"

New Slayer from Oklahoma."

You really are desperate, aren't you?"

Nah, but listen to this-"

"Oh, god."

No! Listen, come on. Discount stores are re-selling used underwear."

Spike peered at the paper up close.
"At retail prices?"

Yeah, isn't that gross?"

"It's not gross! It's bloody stupid, is what it is!"

"The public health hazards alone-"

Spike ignored Xander utterly, continuing. "Do you know what some people will pay for used underwear online? They could be making a killing on ebay!"

"Okay. First: I so do not want to know how you knew that, Spike. And second-"

"Ew?" Spike asked, beating Xander to it.

"Ew," Xander confirmed.

"C'mon, pet. We'll get you something better to read."

The Times?"

Wasn't what I had in mind."

The Sun?" Xander grinned. "Page three?"

Nah. Seen one set of tits, you've seen them all, ain't you?"

"What then?"

Spike handed him an instruction manual.

"What's this?"

Spike nodded his head to the corner. "Sex sling we ordered came in. Can't use it till you've installed it, can we?"

Xander tossed the newspaper aside and snapped the manual open. "Shut up and get me the drill."

"I love it when you're all manly, pet."







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