Title: Donut Boy

Author: Reremouse

E-mail: Reremouse@livejournal.com

Feedback: Yes

Archive: Ask

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: S/X

Series: Donut Boy

Spoilers: BtVS S4/5

Disclaimer: So not mine. Written purely for fun. No profit, no promises of literary value.

Summary: Xander has been reduced to being the Donut Boy.  Buffy and Willow get to have all the fun, and Xander wants, for once, to be the special one.  A certain "justice demon" overhears his wish.  The S/X version of Cinderella, Sunnydale style.

Warnings: Bit of blood, bit of violence.

Notes: Written for the Fractured Fairytale Ficathon for Ficbitcabear who requested Cinderella with Buffy and Willow in the step-sister roles.  I tried to keep them as in character as possible for those roles.



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