Title: Want

Author: Shanyah

Pairing: S/X

Spoilers: Season 4 through 7; mostly AU

Summary: Itís New York, itís eight years after the end of season 7. Xander and Spike have a chance meeting. Spike wants Xander to build him a house, but thatís not all he wants. Xander applies both his architectural and, ahem, other talents. Smut, romance (kinda) and some angst follow.

Warnings: blood play, some departure from canon.

Rating: NC-17 for sexual content and foul language.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Joss Whedon et. al. All I own is a temperamental computer and a fertile imagination for m/m slash.

Feedback: Yes pleaseÖyou donít want to see me beg Ė itís seriously nasty! shanyah2001@yahoo.com

A/N: My first fic, loads of thanks to everyone who sent feedback, it helped me get it done.  


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