Two Squared: 11
by Josie_h


In the presence of Rhianon and Giles, Willow stripped naked and submitted to the spell. It was to last five days before anyone could break it, and then it was Willow who had to trigger the return. They all felt it was long enough to insinuate herself and make connection with their lovely friends, Giles also believing that a little time in ‘another’s shoes’ might assist Willow to feel more content regarding her friends’ fate.


She meditated as the chant began and was semi comatose before she watched her hands begin to morph into those of a Bengal tiger. The spell was intended that she might still communicate with the coven once the change took effect, She was unconscious as the rest of the shift took place… Her eyes remained their original green, but the rest was pure tiger… Willow woke an hour later, but instead of Willow the friendly wiccan, Giles and Rhianon were faced with a fully mature tigress. A very confused, defensively vicious and very hungry tigress.


She stood unsteadily and stretched then shook her new form, and began to feel her new persona.  She didn’t understand, in the back of her mind she knew she was the powerful Wiccan and had a task to do, but could not remember as it was overridden by something different.


She felt muscles flex and her larger body’s strength, she licked her own paws and tried swishing her tail. She felt her teeth with her tongue and gave an experimental growl. All was well but for something that neither Giles nor Rhianon had foreseen, the newly made tigress was ‘in season’. It was a complication that *none* of them had considered. She had never felt so aroused, at least not since the first passionate weeks with Tara, but this was something more, a primal, instinctive drive to procreate. The impetus was unforgiving, there were two males present and her feline nose had caught their scent.


The males saw her shake then approach, they sniffed the air with caution. Spike held back their progeny in the knowledge that this new individual was big enough to kill any of the children.


The consequent threatening growl of an apparently confused and nervous, fully grown tigress sent their now large cubs scurrying to the back of the den. Consequently Xander and Spike flopped down at the opening of the faux cave with their children behind them and simply waited.


As she approached Xander he sniffed the air, smelling her readiness for coupling, but something else too. He couldn’t quite put a finger on what was strange… so stood and circled her in a wide arc. When he came too close she lunged forward in fear, snarling and Xander backed off.


Spike suspected, and though the white tiger stood protectively in front of their children, now also growling their own warning, he communicated to his thoughts Xander. Spike sent love and caution through the link to his mate and also the name… Willow.


It was a rather disorientated and very dangerous witch, now tigress, who had begun to pace at the opposite end of the enclosure.


Willow eventually calmed and approached the two males. Her head was down and cocked a little to the side in a position of submission. She eventually fell onto her belly within meters of their cave and rested her large head on her front paws, without breaking eye contact.


Finally Xander approached her and began to lick her ears and growled quietly, she reciprocated then began to nip and caress. He nuzzled her then subdued her with a bite to the neck and covered her with his greater size.



Giles and Rhianon saw the signs of a female tiger’s behavior when in season and were frantic. They had lost contact with her and were unable to establish the astral link either. It seemed that her drive to mate had quite overcome all other imperatives.


Giles was insistent, “We change her back, we must change her back now!”


“Giles you know as well as I, the implications of that, we might lose her completely – or bring her back half changed… “


“And my dear lady… What exactly are we to do if she follows her current agenda, Hmm??”


“Wait for the hundred days I guess… Giles we can’t change her back without her participation.”


“Good Lord!”    



Her scent was intoxicating and both males were extremely aroused. Xander sent “Love, love, Willow wants… needs… love you, love you always…  and family, must join. Must join!” Spike sent love and acceptance through their link them moved forward and licked the tigress’s nose and furry face as Xander penetrated her. Even thought she was desperate for the coupling she snarled wildly with the pain of his slightly spiky phallus entering her. It hurt… she didn’t think it hurt this much as a human, but then, she had never had the urge to couple quite so badly, so though she growled and ran as soon as he completed inside her, less than thirty minutes later was back being covered again, this time by Spike. The sensation gradually became better and better.


Like before, the two male tigers simply gave in to their feline natures, with one exception - rather than fight over her, they simply shared servicing her. They repeatedly copulated with her for a full three days, and in between times checked on the cubs, fed and pleasured each other. On the fourth day her scent changed and they knew, they were to be fathers again.


Willow was beyond confused and had lost herself to the extreme instinctual drive of the last three days, and now she felt calm and different. Something was very, very different. She licked her sore nether regions and knew. She was to be a mother for the first time and to her dear friends, and somehow for the gay wiccan/tigress that still felt OK.


Rhianon  succeeded in contacting her for a few minutes as she came back to more of her human thoughts on the afternoon of the fourth day in the enclosure and she remembered why she was there. She wandered up to the cave, the cubs no longer frightened of the female as their fathers had coupled with her and they could all smell it, she carried their siblings.


She lay down before the cave and nuzzled under first Xander then Spike’s chin insistently.


Rhianon was half asleep on a chair in the observation area but came to quickly and called on Giles to attend as she saw the change in behavior.


Willow brushed her soft cheek against her two males then began licking and caressing and sending messages through an astral link that now felt utterly different.


She conveyed the news that all but Spike’s smallest were to be moved. They would be reunited eventually (the Sheikh had guaranteed a ‘theme park’ style enclosure for them all), but they would not all be together. Xander rolled onto his side and looked decidedly dispirited, but Spike rallied a little – they would all be together as soon as Ahmil finished schooling that was something, and they knew the Sheikh intended to take Umbhala back with them for a few months to train another group of trainers for the beautiful cats.


Then she conveyed something they already knew. She licked the two beautiful faces, the coloring different but the love and reverence the same. She tried to embody, in the licks, her happiness. She was to have their babies… At thirty she had wanted children but it was not to be as a single gay wiccan…  


She felt inexplicably exhausted and flopped onto her side in the front of their sleeping quarters. Spike nudged her until she moved into the shelter and was relaxed surrounded and touched by nine other bodies.


She woke to two rough tongues, one caressing her nether regions, and the other her ears and throat. She realized that she was already purring and tried to feel upset but could not


Giles and Rhianon looked on.


Giles was still investigating, but to no avail apparently, “My good lord this is utterly impossible! We can’t keep her like that…”


“What are you suggesting… we abort the cubs to bring her back? Giles she looks happy!”


“If needs… Oh this is ridiculous! Of course not!! Oh Good Lord!!” Giles attempted to rub yet another magnification from his glasses as he furiously polished them.


“Besides we need her to agree to change back. Giles, you know the spell!”


“Indeed – but what do we tell Ahmil or the Sheikh?”


“I think we just show Ahmil then explain. I am not so sure the Sheikh will mind”




Two and a half months on the older cubs still had not been moved – but nor had Ahmil been able to go home. His father worried that the region was too volatile. The Sheikh was simply not willing to risk his son or tigers when there were other options.


So the now year old tigers were all still in the enclosure, along with the now heavily pregnant Willow. During the months of her existence as tiger, she continued to speak to the two males via their astral link, and the Mistress Rhianon occasionally. But more and more she communicated as pure tiger to the fathers of her children. She knew they would love and protect her brood… and in the first couple of weeks worried about not being able to change back… But as time went on, her desire to shift forms, like that of the men she had so vehemently tried to change back, reduced to virtually nothing. She spent leisurely days being groomed, swimming, play hunting, eating and snoozing in the sun. The males, her friends, attended and comforted her, and the older cubs tolerated her as family. She somehow felt, content.


Umbhala was most cautious of her at first, not having dealt with her as a cub and still a little confused as to how the extra fully grown female had suddenly been dumped at their doorstep. But as she was pregnant to one of his two favorites, and they seemed calm and friendly to each other. He named her Farah as her motherhood would bring them all joy, and treated her with same kind reverence as all the others.


Umbhala would have been challenged in training and exercising all the animals but for the wonderful volunteers from the coven and the veterinary school. Now they did the runs and the hunting in shifts, and though it was only the older males who still went on patrol, the youngsters’ skills were improving. Their lovely handler could not wait to take them out in the game park in Dubai and allow them to develop their full hunting abilities


Dawn was given the task of monitoring Willow/Farah’s pregnancy and thrilled as the tiny forms inside their changed friend grew and wriggled occasionally when she was being examined. According to Dawn (whose hand she licked and nuzzled every time she had been examined) she was to have four… Four beautiful babies… She was happy and reveled in the full feeling in her belly, knowing it would be soon.


On day ninety five of her pregnancy the tigress felt too agitated to sleep. Just as with her coupling, the instinct took over. She paced the enclosure for hours until choosing an open log area. She hauled a sleeping blanket from their regular sleeping area to her log and snarled a warning to any of the others when they tried to approach her.


Her distended stomach gave a twinge of pain as it landed on the ground, despite the padding. She began repeatedly licking her nether regions and arched a little as she felt the beginning of the contractions. Less than an hour later the first birth sac appeared. She bit the covering open then laved the tiny blind cub until he was clean, returning to repeat the exercise in turn as his two brothers and a sister were born over the next half hour.


She pushed the little bodies and flopped down on her side, then waited as they blindly scrambled to her supply of mother’s milk. The tiny paws pushed rhythmically against her torso and high pitched mewing drew an immediate physical response and she felt the milk flow from the teats as needy tiny mouths latched on. When they finished she licked each one repeatedly over weenie full tummies until they were able to defecate.


Only the next morning did she let Xander and Spike close. There were three minute yellow males and one white female cub sleeping against her side. The two fathers licked and nuzzled her face but knew better than to touch the cubs. When their other children approached with curiosity, they received warning growls and bared teeth from both their fathers and the tigress.


Spike felt the joy through the link, it flowed from Xander for days in waves. Of all the people to have his children it was his dearest friend of old… *and* he was sharing that experience and the happiness with his mate. They already knew the thrill of fatherhood but this was more. Yet Spike worried for Willow as he heard the discussion on the day the tiny cubs first opened their eyes. Dawn, Giles and Rhianon were discussing a forced change back to human form. It was, it seemed, a matter of urgency. She was needed at the coven. The trouble was, she was also needed, and very much wanted, in her current form.



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